Port Aransas 7-19 Report

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    Went on the Gulf Eagle on a 12 hour trip last Wednesday. Was invited by my 11 year old son to fish on this trip, so had to go.
    Will post a more detailed report on the trip, but the main points are to brag about son-one being the first person to catch his four snapper limit of the 40 people on the boat. Also he caught the largest fish of the trip, a 30+ lb king. He caught a couple of bluefish as well, and ended up catching two Atlantic sharpnose sharks to round out his catch.
    I lost a nice 25-30 lb ling at the boat when son-one was taking a break from fishing.
    Total catch for the boat was about a 60-70% person limit of small snapper, two kings, about 60 Bonnethead and Atlantic Sharpnose shark, two ling, a bucketful of Bluefish, some huge Spadefish, and one Jackfish. Overall the catching was good for the tourist, with folks on the boat from Missouri, New Mexico, Califrnia, and a bunch of West Texas folks. Love talking to them boys from out there.
    Got some concerns or frustrations with the trip and the fish picture and cleaning procedures, but that will be addressed later.
    One other report, the Pelican did a 7 person private charter and came back with the largest snappers I've ever seen, solid 20-25 lb fish and bunch of them. They also had 7 or so Blackfin tuna and the second biggest shark I've ever seen.
    They caught a 12' Silky shark that people were guessing to weigh 500+ lb's. I've seen plenty of Silky's in the 8-10' range, and honestly figure that this shark was 400+ or so pounds but that's not important, just the size of the fish was huge. They fought the Silky for 3 hours, with every body on the bot fighting it, and several times each.
    Seeing the Blackfin makes me want to do a 12 hour private charter either on a party boat or a sportfisher to run and gun for tuna behind the shrimpboats. Miss the excitement of that type of fishing.
    Here is the king son-one caught. Hmm, can't seem to upload the picture. Everything is in order size wise and file wise, as far as I can tell.
    Once I get some free time, I'll see about getting it to work.
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    Hey Willie!

    Glad to see your son talked you into going!LOL

    The bonnets are interesting! Great to eat!

    Can't wait to see the pics too.

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    You should tell your son to invite you to 52 hrs Big E trip.
    Glad you got to get out and fish.
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    Why am I not able to post a picture? Says file not uploaded. Width and height are Ok, but file size too large.
    Seen Bighead post pictures, what am I doing wrong?

    July 21st, 2006 040 Grant King -2 (2).jpg:
    Upload of file failed.
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    It has been fixed, sorry for the inconvinient :)

    test upload jpg below :)

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    Looks like it worked, obliged ewdi.
    Son-one's 30+ lb King

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    That's one big kingfish for small man
    Especially that small man outfish the Dad LOL
    Nice catch and picture.
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    Nice pic Willie! Looks like you got a bonifide fisherman there!!
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    Nice Fish... I know you're a proud Poppa!