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caught the first big aj that i can really remember this weekend on my tld25 w/ striaght 40# mono. i had to peg the drag all the way down. he probably went 35-40 lbs or so. not a hog by any means, but i was happy. we got 3 nice aj's and my buddy got a dogtooth snapper around 8-10 lbs. also got about 5 kings between 15 and 25 lbs on my new 50# oti / cabo 80 combo. obviously not the test i wanted to put it to, but it was good to get some practice. that rod and 65# braid controled the fight and they were all into the boat fully green. cant wait to get a tuna on it! if the tuna topwater bights are anything like the kings, i'm in!!! lots of ohh's and ahh's from the crowd watching them come out of the water on those poppers. the only bad part of the trip was losing ALL of my butterfly jigs to cut-offs. i got bit off every drop, including when i switched to wire. F!!!

One lucky little kid also got a nice approx 40# wahoo as well.


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Nice AJ!

Next time you are jigging on a Day Trip try casing out away from the boat.. the Cudas mostly hang out close to the hull and hit what ever falls in front their face.

Most of the cut offs I've seen Day or Night were from dropping straight down next to the hull.
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