Port A on FIRE!!!!

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    I have been down here fishing for a while and the fishing has been great. My target species were Reds, Sheepshead, Mangroves and Spanish Mackeral.
    Day one, I headed out with a buddy ryland and we headed str8 to the surf for some smack action. The smacks were busting all over, the waves were small, the water green and the winds at 10-15 knots. Not bad at all. We caught smacks till our arms were ready to fall off. He kept both of our limits for a fish fry and I have a feeling that he kepts more than he needed!!!! All smacks were caught on RatLtraps and Yozuri 3D's. After loading up on smacks, we decided to look for a new sheepshead hole and I just so happened to stumble upon a honey hole!!!! We caught a limit of sheepshead and a limit of reds(27inch) in about an hour and a half or so and called it quits for the day. Was a fun eventful day.
    Day two... My buddy Marcus arrives from fort worth and while he is not a seasoned fisherman, he loves to catch fish. I decided to head out for some FAST action sheepshead action as I knew he would get excited catching BIG sheepshead as quick as you could drop the shrimp in the water. Well, this day was insane!! Every sheepshead we kept was between 6 and 9lbs or so and some bigger. They would hit the minute you pulled out 15 pulls of line. After getting a three man limit in another hour and a half time slot, we decided to hit up the surf for more smacks. The surf is a little more rough this day but still doable and loaded with smacks. Using the same lures, we managed about 20 smacks and only kept a few for him to taste. Once again, great day of fishing. Marcus had a great time and was addicted to catching the sheeps.
    Day three... spent offshore. Then headed in for more sheepshead fishing. This time it was me, Jason, Marcus and his son. I think this time we only caught 13 sheeps and the size was smaller than the previous days. we were catching the typical 3lb sheeps and only caught one monster. Was a bad day by my standards all around but I am a spoiled fisherman.
    Day four.... Marcus has now left and its just Jason and I. We decided to hit up more sheeps and then some trout. Once again, hit up the new honey hole. My first drop with a little shrimp and I hook into something BIG. I wasnt sure what it was but thought I had a GIANT sheep. Well, after a good long fight, I pull up a very large red. Too funny. After that, the action was fast and furious and is basically the same story as every other day. No more reds this day, only sheeps. The wind was too crazy to even attempt the surf and we went ahead and called it quits to go clean fish. We were off the water by 10 a.m.
    Cleaning fish has got to be the best part of a fishing trip....:(
    Oh, I almost forgott!! My wife caught a 32 inch spanish mackeral. That is a big smack. She was messing with the reel for a minute and when she went to reel again there was something ready to rip off line on the other end. It was her only fish of the day but not bad considering. Way to go meg..

    Its been a fun trip guys and I have a few more days left. I am kind of burned out on the sheeps, reds and smacks and will target trout for the next few days. I will post pics when I get back. Jason has pics from our two days out and I will post those when he shoots them to me. I cant wait for summer to get here

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    Sounds like a fun time! I probably will head down that way in a couple weeks. Then I'll be back to Matty.

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    way to go, dude! hope they're still biting when my wife and I make our beach trek in may....
    Weren't you gonna pm me w/ some good holes?.....
    tight lines
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    Just curious where you are catching all those big sheepheads. I don't fish for them but have a friend that loves to catch them. He's going down next weekend with his two boys. They love to bay fish. The fun ends with sheephead when you start to clean them. They aren't to bad table fare either.
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    electric filet knife has to be one of my most precious pieces of fishing tackle... lol.... although I have seen some deckhands that could use a regular filet knife like a champ and puts an electric to shame....
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    A few Pics.
    This is a two day limit. One day we had four people, the other it was just Jason and I. We actually quit one short of a limit when it was Jason and I. We kept throwing back number 10 looking for a giant and then the rope broke that was holding us and we had to haul out... No big ones in these pics. The big ones were caught when marcus was up. There is also a few nice smacks in the pic

    This fish was a shock. It was caught on light tackle on a tiny shrimp. the minute I hooked him, I Took him to the outside of the boat to get him away from structure. Nice fish for such a small rig. I dont know how big he was but was a monster...