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Port A next weekend?

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Are any of you guys going to be fishing out of Port A next weekend???
I am finally getting a chance to get my boat offshore...
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We caught a 54 pound King on a jig a couple of weeks ago just messing around on an inshore trip.

For what's worth, the Kingfish leader for the CCA STAR is currently 52 lbs, 4 oz. Winner receives:
21' Contender Open Fish with a Mercury 150 Optimax and McClain trailer.
I'd figure that would be a nice bonus to fishing.
Got a question, in the past, it seems that the weeds start to clear out as the current shifts, usuallly around early July..., right? Any comment on if this heavy of a weed problem will go on longer this summer than usual? It seems like two years ago the weeds lasted into mid-July, while last year the weed was clear by then. On track or off-track on this from anyone?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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