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Port A next weekend?

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Are any of you guys going to be fishing out of Port A next weekend???
I am finally getting a chance to get my boat offshore...
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GS, I ran it about a month and a half ago.. then topped it off. I will drain the racors before I start.. I was hoping that this calm wind midweek would allow the weed to pile up somewhere before it starts blowing again this weekend.. I really just need to burn this gas out before the roundup in three weeks..
Is anyone catching any hoos in numbers out there?????
Thanks for the info.. and the story.... I'll let you know how we do...
I was out yesterday with Bill and there was a lot of scattered weed, but it was reforming into beds.
We were on a snapper trip it Bill had them located.

Thanks Jerry,
I was hoping that the calm conditions would allow the current to pull the sargasso together...
Good luck Bret. I hope that it's a killer trip for ya. I have confidence in you clearing the lines of weeds without reeling them in.
Thanks Tony,
thats half the fun of fishing.. clearing weeds.... at least its a jerk... LOL.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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