popping with 6000fa??

Discussion in 'Reels' started by baldurs390, May 4, 2009.

  1. baldurs390

    baldurs390 Senior Member

    will be fishing in the northeast for school tuna up to 100lbs

    first questions.... will the 6kfa be able to handle these?

    should i get a 8k spool if i was to use this?

    which rod would you recommended ??
  2. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    where? the cape? if so, i'd recommend a larger reel. You may be able to land some with that reel but it is not ideal. I'd say a 10k + would be ideal, since some of the fish may be over 150lbs.

    tuna sniper 80lb rod or regular OTI 80lb popping rod would be a good match. ive got the 50lb tuna sniper and i think it can handle fish up to about 120lbs or so.

  3. baldurs390

    baldurs390 Senior Member

    tuna sniper 40 to 60 or the oti 50lb?
  4. peterk814

    peterk814 Senior Member

    Andy landed a 267 bluefin on a 6kfa with an 8k spool last year.
  5. d-a

    d-a Senior Member

    tuna sniper 40 to 60 or the oti 50lb?

    Bret has the 40-60lb Tuna sniper AKA 50lb since thats the middle of its usable range

  6. njnicka

    njnicka Senior Member

    I agree if you get the 8k spool you'll be fine, unless you get one over 250lbs. I had a 136 lbr on my 6k with the 8 spool last season!!