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Here are a few pictures from the 2 first groups ofthe season at Panafishing Adventure lodge on the Tuna Coast of Panama. As always, all fish were caught casting and jigging.

First group got insane action but very few big fish were around. Over 80 roosterfish were landed duribg the week, all on artificials, with the best score being 27 roosterfish in a couple hours on one of our cats. All on topwater as always !
The red snappers were also cooperating. We've lost the final count but on the best day, all 3 boats got over 20 fish, ll on different spots, before deciding to move on to something else. When these fish are active, it's double and triple hookup on every drift.

There has been a few unsual catch like a couple of nice corvina, a big sailfish on popper, or a nice indo-pacific permit.

Second group had a lot less action, and some days on some boats have been rather shity... But the big fish were back and the final results were satisfying. There is a lot of cubera snappers to be had on popper this year !

Please check our website for a lot more picture and a detailed report for every group that visit.

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