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    Hi Everybody

    my family and I are moving to Jakarta on a temporarily basis(4-5years) and since I am an avid angler I want to get myself a rod and reel suitable for the fish in Indonesian waters.
    I wont be goin out with professional charters all too much (i guess the only ones in Indonesia are on Bali and Komodo?) but will have a lot of opportunities on short trips around the country by asking local fisherman to take me around.
    What I am looking for is a rod which can handle stickbaits and small to medium sized poppers, nothing overpowered for trophy fish (PE 8-10) more like a all round typ of rod which still is fun to fish with if the specimen are not as big but not without a chance if a big one comes along.
    Any recommendations for a versatile PE 5-6 Stickbait / Popping Rod?
    Species targeted: GT´s , Tuna... Looking for top quality- rather build my arsenal slowly but have something fun to hold on to.
    In terms of reels I am split between the Saltiga 20 and Stella 20 in size 14000
    I have a Jigging setup in PE5 which will do for now

    Hope to get some help from you guys.
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    Check out Kaiser El Toro rods at the Kaiser pro shop if you can get to Singapore
    I use the GT 100 and Kaiser light cast.

    Bone gear is another good option
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