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Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by red34, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. red34

    red34 Guest

    If you wanted a rod similar to the OTI 7'6" 2-piece spinning, but couldn't afford it, what other models would you look at ($75-$150 range)?

    Looking to do heavy spinning w/ 65lb braid and a Cabo 80 (or similar)
  2. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator


    8ft-9ft surf rod might do the trick.

  3. red34

    red34 Guest

    Yea, but try finding one with a 40-60lb line rating!!!
  4. Uncle Russ

    Uncle Russ Senior Member

    The Ugly Stick Tiger comes in fairly heavy spinner. It certainly ain't an OTI, but it is affordable.
  5. jureal

    jureal Senior Member

    What about the Quantum Cabo rods, Hopper rods? Just say no to Trevalas.
  6. sjohn464

    sjohn464 Guest

    I'm with UR on this. Get the heavy duty tiger ugly stick for under $75-Best value you will find in the under $200 range and will work.

    That said, save up for an OTI. You won't believe the difference and will thank yourself later.

  7. Uncle Russ

    Uncle Russ Senior Member

    When I bought my Tiger a number of years ago when I was stupid enough to think you could catch fish on anything other than an Accurate :cool: a guy at Academy here in Austin told me how they use them for live-baiting on the West Coast where he had lived for years. I bought mine (which happened to be conventional) for use with Calcutta 400 s and 700s for jetty fishing. It casts very well, and I have used it to haul huge jacks and bull reds out of literally Amazonian currents while rock hopping. The only caution I would give is that I found rough spots (like burrs) on the guides, not only of my rod but also of a couple of others in the store. Nothing that a manual inspection and fine file couldn't cure.

  8. red34

    red34 Guest

    I think I found my rod today. Anyone ever use the Daiwa V.I.P. Series? It's 7' and rated for 15-40# line. Felt like a pretty nice rod...not nearly as heavy as the other glass rods that I've picked up in my search. It also has a nice triangle cut foregrip. $89.99 at Bass Pro.

    Daiwa | Saltwater Rods