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I am also lookin at getting a new popping rod. I like the SNIPERS, but I do not like fighting fish n such long rods, unless there is a fly at the end of the line. I'd like to find something for about 250-300 bucks that is like the OTI Popping Rod. I'd rather not get that rod as I don't like the cut out grips.

What other comparable alternatives are out there? I love my dragonfly jigging rods, but they can only cast short distances for me in a pinch and as far as I know, they don;t make anything longer than about 6 feet. I think 7 - 7 1/2 feet it the right length.
If you get the oti rod. The outer grip can come off and there is a hypalon grip underneath.
On my first oti popping rod I took the out off and really liked the small diameter grip that was underneath.
My favorite grip is just plain tennis racket tape. I would seal the laps with a thin strip of epoxy and it would last forever...
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