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Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by hamptonsurf, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. hamptonsurf

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    I have only jigged from a walk around for cod, never done any casting. My buddy has one and has offered it to me to take tuna fishing for a long weekend. I was wondering how well you can (or how much of a pain in the ass it is) cast poppers from a walk around. Its 27ft, so decent size, and great for trolling and jigging (and sleeping), but with 4 people on board, I am concerned about casting. Anyone have experience? Do many of you have walk arounds? I am so used to the 360 degree fishability of a center console.
  2. cabosandinh

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    I have a walk around, there's plenty of space for
    a boat that size

    1 person should be at the front near the bow pulpit
    2nd person can be at midship casting the other way
    3rd and 4th person can stagger position in the back

    walkaround's bow height affords extra visibility and
    casting distance

    go for it

  3. crazyjigr

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    Transitioning from the bow to stern can be chalenging on WA the walk ways tend to be narrow and hand holds limited, hopefully you'll be hooked up to a nice one and it will have you doing circles around the boat and driving the skipper nuts.
    If your on the bow with or without someone else have a plan and use comon sense
  4. hatidua

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    My buddy has one and has offered it to me to take tuna fishing for a long weekend.

    Don't turn down fishing trips, even on canoes with forward cabins ;)
  5. wellcraft26

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    I have a 1984 Wellcraft aft cabin 26ft and there are not many good flat spots to stand. right behind the pulpit is one , especialy if its rocking & rolling . I have fallen off it at the lake a time or two. Alcohol may have been a factor.