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  1. MrBill

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    Bored today so I opened up some packages of poppers received in the last few weeks. Once again, I'd type between the pics and tell you what they are if I could figure it out.

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  2. Minnow

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    Adhek's popper is first class, the paint job just amazing.
    I wonder how much it's in the State?

  3. jt2hunt

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    where can you find those hunters?
  4. Ragman

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    Look at the first 4 poppers in the first pic and see that they have swivels that the hooks are attached to instead of just a solid wire.

    This will help reduce the fish's ability to leverage weight against the lure and will reduce fish coming unbuttoned.

    IMO, a necessary updgrade!
  5. MrBill

    MrBill Senior Member

    The first picture is the APS poppers. They are the APS Baby Gecko, APS Maharani Dhugger, and the big daddy is the GT Recorder. The mouth or surface of the GT Recorder is about 30% larger than the tuna hunter. The concave head is twice as deep and the American made poppers. I love the way they mount the swivel in the lure. The best hand painted lures I have ever bought. I got them from Randy at Anglers pro shop.

    The second picture is the new Braid line of poppers. Very good looking and have a flat face on them. Not concaved like most poppers. They just came on the market, and time will tell if they are productive. Braid always test their products so I loaded up on them.

    The last Pics are of the usual stuff we all buy. Tuna Hunter, Yo-Zuri, and Frenzy.
  6. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    The Frenzy is in the next to last picture just above the quarter.

    If you have never used one, they sink slowly. Ya gotta keep them moving.

    That GT Recorder sure looks sexy. Do you know how heavy it is?

    Thanks for sharing.
  7. bellyup

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    I used a GT recorder on my last trip. Aggressive cup. Lays pretty flat. Unfortunately no hits but I went through a cold spell. I am sure it would work. Looks pretty but I am sure it will chip up fast.
  8. Bluewater Dawg

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    Islanders In Galveston or FTU on fuqua.

    where can you find those hunters?
  9. MrBill

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    I found a bag that organizes my poppers. The only problem is that it only holds 25 large poppers. It has 5 heavy duty bags on a spiral ring so you can flip them around and they stay in the bag. The bag measures 9" x 9" x 6".

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  10. Gunsmoke

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    The only problem is that it only holds 25 large poppers.

    If that's the only one you own, then buy some more. Get me about a half dozen when you reorder.