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    Next week in mexico (gordo banks) I would like to cast lures to fish when possible. I have 3 tuna hunters, 2 juniors, 2 rapala magnum, and two frenzy poppers. Which of these should i take? Eric with gordo said a submersible or semisubmersible work best. The frenzies stay under a little but what else can i get by monday to take...?
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    One of the hottest lure down there has consistantyly been the Spanyid Raiders. 125 gram, 150 and 200 gram sizes depending on the current.
    Allow for a long sink, depending on the depths and work the water column as far as lenth of cast, width of cast and very the depth to find where the fish ar holding.

    There is also a good explanation of subsurface casting and retrieve techniques on the SpanyidUSA Web site.

    http://st15.flashecom.com/spanyidusa/ or try Spanyidusa.com

    You can discuss with Guy what colors are best for differnet colors and conditions of water.

    Best of Luck