popper storage/hooks

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    LEXPRO Senior Member

    I was wondering how many people store there poppers in trays with no hooks, is there a better way to store and transport? Also when using single hooks which are yall using?
  2. Uncle Russ

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    LEXPRO: I leave the hooks on all of them so I don't have to mess with it on the water. I put the plastic click-on treble hook protectors that Anglers Pro Shop sells on both hooks. Then I place them all in a large 3700 type box with no compartments and put that down in my rolling tool box that I use on the Big E.


  3. jig

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    I keep the boxed ones in the no compartment 3700, and the open in the one with compartments. Then they go in my soft tackle bag.

    I leave hooks on, since they are all separated.
  4. bunile

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    They are in dividers, all tangled up but seperated, Oh it's not that hard if you don't get aggravated and this is my way of practicing patience and precision on a slobby weekend fishing trip. They get lost at sea , then that's less I have to "MESS WITH". Life is short, I enjoy everything about fishing , and UNTANGLING is the greatest fishing pasttime that there is, That and Lying like heck about how "SMALL" the last fish was.Hey would I kid you?