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    Well i have to report the good with the bad. We got skunked on everything from snapper to swordfish. Pulled up to 1st rig and 3 cast with the OTI sabiki and we had 8 good hardtails and even a bonus rainbow runner. Dropped a jig while making bait and jim hooks up with a nice grouper or something after about 5 minutes it comes un buttoned. we head deeper Find the blue water about 20 miles out. We decided to stop at hard bottom and make a few drops when the baracudas came out and we lost some jigs and had some snapper come off.

    We pull up and decide to head deeper in search of the targeted speices swordfish. we pull up to the secret swordfish spot at dusk and see the nyati all ready sitting and fishing. We get out the spread and have nothing for three drifts. During this time the nyati had one lost at gaff and had 2 other bites. Another boats comes up about this time and we decide it is getting crowded. We pull up the spread and head deeper. we arrive around 130 am and put out hte spread. Long story short we had 4 strikes between 130 and 630am without even getting a hook to stick. 3 baits gone and one cut in half.

    The highlight occured when a 70 or so pound broadbill comes up to the transom and chases squid and flyers in the lights for 10 or seconds. The sword actually swatted a flyer out of the water and chased another towards our boat. Lesson learned have a pitch bait ready.

    We trolled first light for an hour with no knockdowns, got back close enough to see the nyati heading in, and finding out they had no more bites after we left. They did get a white trolling earlier that day.
    We stopped at some rigs for snapper only to lose more jigs to hungry ajs and the rig. We thought we would break the skunk when jim reels a dink snapper close to the boat only to have it eaten 20 ft away and proceeded to take him to the rig, where the rig won. With frustrations mouting and a building sea we head for home with another skunk given to the fishing gods.

    There is always next time.
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    Well, we all get skunked. Good reading anyway. I've read enough of your reports to know it doesn't happen very often and would bet it doesn't happen the next time.

    This ones out of the way now.:eek:

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    This ones out of the way now.:eek:

    Yeah Jared, you got that bad one out of the way... y'all will be rewarded the next time.. If it was easy.. no one would ever get skunked.. Thanks for the report....
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    Don't feel bad. It happens to everyone. At least someone didn't give you a trophy for getting skunked!!!!:eek:

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    Pepe Le Peu would skunk that trophy in a heartbeat.

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