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Please Help! $20 online donation- 20 Venice charters awarded - FANTASTIC CAUSE!

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Please copy this message and send it to your fishing buddies!

Raffle tickets now online.

Fishing To Hear Foundation Rodeo...
This Fishing Rodeo is the product of a few great, fellow charter boat captains offering to help to raise funds for Captain Darryl Couvillion’s deaf son Kyle, who is needing a second cochlear implant. The costly surgery (~$80,000) is not covered by insurance and will consequently leave a significant cost to be covered out of pocket by the family. This surgery will give Kyle a chance to learn to listen, speak and go to school with normal hearing children.

In the begining...two friends and fellow charter boat skippers offered to donate their trips in an effort to fundraise for Kyle’s surgery. Within a few days, a total of 20 Venice charter boat captains from a variety of charter boat companies have offered to donate each a charter trip for fundraising efforts. The amount of support has been a wonderful blessing and thus, a fishing rodeo amongst the finest Venice boat charter captains has been born

We will be offering chances to win offshore fishing trips for 4 with every raffle ticket purchase of $20.00. In total, twenty charter trips will be given away. This is the first tournament of its kind in this area and its is a great opportunity to fish with some of Southern Louisiana's finest captains in one of the country's best fisheries.

We would like to extend very deep heartfelt thanks from the Couvillion Family to the following Venice charter boat captains for their time and donation: Capt Rimmer Covington; Capt Devlin Roussel; Capt Kevin Beach; Capt Damon McKnight; Capt Billy Wells; Capt Brett Falterman; Capt Bill Butler; Capt Mike Ellis; Capt Eddie Burger; Capt Lance Walker; Capt James Peters; Capt Jerry Allen; Capt Hunter Cabelero; Capt Andy Cook; Capt Al Walker; Capt Peach Marvel; Capt Kerry Melano; Capt Bill Delbar; Capt Scott Avazino
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Hope every works out for Kyle and his family. Just sent some money. Thanks for accepting PayPal, that made it very easy.
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