Pics from Puerto Vallarta trip

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  1. STx Fisherman

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    Here are a few pics from the trip.....
    Argo fighting his ~25 lb. dorado on day one....the dorado jumping and pics of some of the twenty dorado on the deck that we caught on day two.

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  2. Ratherbfishing

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    Sweet! How many fish did you raise? Nice load of mahi.

  3. STx Fisherman

    STx Fisherman Senior Member

    We caught twenty dorado in the 20-30 lb. range with one or two possibly up to 40 lbs. We could have caught a lot more...but we decided to move on to look for tuna or marlin. Aside from the 20+ dorado that we caught over the three days, I caught a 50-60 lb. yellowfin, Jose caught a 100 inch sailfish that he's going to mount and Argo caught about a 30 lb. yellowfin.

    The guys on the other boat, (Dr. Shark, McGolfer, and Grescobia), caught a 165 lb. yellowfin, a 500 lb. blue marlin, about 6 dorado up to 40 lbs. and a couple of small yellowfin (30-40 lbs).
  4. Bellyups

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    Great pictures Richard!!!
  5. MrBill

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    Stx Fisherman,

    Those Dodo's are thick in the pacific right now. Did you notice that the dodo's in Mexico looked healthy. The ones in the GOM this year are long and skinny. All head, no meat. Not enough bait to eat.

    Were you guys using the deck as a frying pan for those dodo's? :D I guess you guys were afraid the "Bad Ice" :eek: in Mexico. I hope you didn't bring back any of that half cooked fish home. (Just giving you a hard time. Its easy to criticize when your sitting at a computer and had a few drinks. Besides, I've actually met you!!!)

    You must have some more photo's. Let's see some. Even the ones of the disco would be fine for me. I promise I won't give you a hard time on any more.
  6. Bret

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    Cool pics.. looks like some dorado soup on deck.
  7. STx Fisherman

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    Mr. Bill....I enjoy the bs you dish out...makes it more fun. You're right...the dodo's look pretty nice down there. The steaks are THICK! We had 16 dodos on the deck at the time I took the pics. The temps were cool because of all the rain that we had so the dodo meat was still very good. One huge difference between fishing here and there is that the deckhand(s) filet the fish, cut it into large pieces and bag it up to put on ice as soon as they can after the catch. The poor guy couldn't get to fileting the dodo's because we were constantly hooked up.

    On day one we headed out straight into a big thunderstorm that covered the whole area. I couldn't believe that our first bait stop was to back up into a small 14 ft. aluminum skiff in the middle of the thunderstorm. We met three guys wearing orange rain gear that were there catching google eyes for boats that were headed offshore. Those guys had balls. The main bait that we used for tuna and marlin trolling were skip jack tuna in the 5-8 lb. size. They look similar to our bonita except they are more silver and bluish grey in color.

    We had a lot of fun....can't wait to go back!!
  8. STx Fisherman

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    Mr. Bill....I enjoy the bs you dish out...makes it more fun.

    Maybe I shouldn't have said that.....<grin>

    ( can quote yourself)