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Phenix 5'9" jigging rod

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Here are some pic of a rod i made it's a Phenix 5'9" jigging rod or yo yo this blank is rated 20-40 i made it to fish 15 to 20 pounds of drag rod is capable of lifting more but i made it to fish in this range i used Madeira X-tra for the buttwrapp and and madeira and gudebrod for the guides. i used MNSG guides and Acid wrapped i took this rod on a 3 day trip and bounced a bunch of big big barracudas on it hoped it would been yellows but no luck this time this blanks are thin but very powerful here are also some test picks of their new blank lift test they made on the new blanks they will be showing at the Fred Hall show blanks are 6' to 9' stop by and check them out i had some problems when i rezized the picks so they don't look good.

some picks of the new Phenix lift test with 30 to 40 pounds lifts blanks are 6 to 9 feet in





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nice blank......
love that tiger wrap also....
where I can get those blank information ?
They are building a website i should be up soon

Phenix Rods - About Us
nice blank......
love that tiger wrap also....
where I can get those blank information ?

You can find the Phenix Company website at :-

Phenix Rods, Your Home For Fresh and Saltwater Fishing Rods
The Phenix jigging rod built by Graya is one of the Phenix jigging blanks--check the post date on the his original post. Those blanks had boron in the composition. Don't know if those blanks are still available.

The current Black Diamond and BD Hybrids are totally different.
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