Perfect Stocking Stuffers. All Tackle Sets $50 or Less !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    These tackle sets make perfect Christmas gifts for any offshore fisherman.

    *Big Game ST 30's. Set of 3 Trolling Lures. $40.00

    *Rocket Poppers Set of 3. $40.00

    *Flat Fall Jigs 250,170 and 100 Grams Set of 5. $50-$40

    *Slow Pitch Jigs 180 grams Set of 3. $20.00

    *Vertical Jigs 200,170 and 130 Grams Set of 5. $40-$30

    *Striker Bullet Poppers. Set of 3. $40.00

    *Vertical/Slow Pitch/Flat Fall Jig Storage Case $40.00

    We also have many other tackle sets and products available at great prices at

    Striker tackle was created by fisherman to offer exceptional and dependable tackle at prices we can all afford. These lures has proven to withstand the harsh environment of offshore fishing.

    TO PURCHASE PLEASE VISIT or we can invoice thru PAYPAL.

    FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Hoogan

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    Need assist with your jig storage case,
    -one post in 360 shows jig case listed for $30 with 9.75” long X 6.5” wide for $30
    -another post shows a jig case with 14” long X 8.5” wide with pricing: $40
    Upon further looking in Striker website the dimensions show 9.75” X 6.5” $30
    No mention of the larger case in Striker website, two sizes?
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    We no longer sell the larger case.