Penn Torque Rod *Drag Test* and preliminary review.

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by John_Madison CT, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. John_Madison CT

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    I couldn't resist a deal at my local Cabelas today, a Penn Torque Rod, model #TJ8013C58, which is their heaviest jigging casting rod, rated @ 80-130lb test, and jigs to 300grams (or about 10oz). It was only $79.99 after coupon.

    Before buying I took this rod and compared it side by side to the Shimano Trevala TFC58XXH (rated for 80-200lbs line and jigs to 270grams), which I believe is Shimano's heaviest jigging rod.

    After about 15 minutes of playing around with them in the store aisle, I realized that the Penn has very slighly more backbone and perhaps a slighly faster tip. The differences where very small, but the Penn retailed at half the price. I then compared them to the older model Shimano Trevala TVC58XXH. Both the Penn and "TC4" Shimano where noticably heavier rods. (not in oz, but in their ability to handle drag)

    Anyway, after our first CT dusting of snow, I hit the deck out back. Here is a picture of the Penn Torque rod handling 26lbs of drag pressure. (as measured by a Manley Brass scale)


    Thanks to KilSong and others here I've started to think about jigging rods and what I want to do come next Tuna season. My passion is fishing the Northeast canyons for Tuna (and Swordfish). We troll, but always do the night chunk and I don't thing we jig enough.

    I think I know myself well enough now to expect this will be my first (and surely cheapest) jigging rod of many. Once I get a better feel for how this rod performs, I hope to have a better idea of what I should buy next. (i.e. 500gram?, acid wrap? etc etc etc...)

    Anyway, thoughts, comments, criticisms are all welcome.

  2. ksong

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    John, start with what you have. You'll get many quality jigging rods/reels eventually when you are really addicted to jigging and you'll follow other addicted jig fishermen's path. :)

    I talked an owner of fishing lodge in Panama the other day. He said he bought many Shimano's Trevala rods as he was told the line ratings is 80-200 lbs and there are more interest for jigging from customers recently. When I asked how he liked the rods and he said most were broken.

  3. John_Madison CT

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    As I noted above, the "older" Trevalas are noticeably lighter than the newest "F" series. With the older ones, I couldn't imagine 20lbs of drag.

    Anyway, so far, I like what I see with the Penn, but I will reserve judgement after a 80lb Yellowfin.
  4. Fishhead56

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    Was that from the Cabelas next to that big football field in Ct.
    If so I have checked the same rods and liked them for their feel.
    And found a different assortment of jigs than what we have in Tx.

    But I did not find a good braid line above 50lbs at this store.

    Yours is the first pull I've seen on the Torque rod thanks for showing.
    And today is the first snow I've seen here in CT :mad:

    Last Spring I shipped 1 rod tube and 1 cooler of tackle up here.
    Mid Nov I shipped back to Texas 2 rod tubes, 1 cooler and
    1 action packer of tackle, So I did not cod jig or go Tuna popping
    But I was successful in gathering more tackle....:eek:

  5. John_Madison CT

    John_Madison CT Senior Member


    Yep, the Cabela's in CT. I normally would like to support a local shop, but nobody had both rods in stock so I could play with them side by side.
  6. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    For a local shop Norwalk Ct had a nice one, as I visited when staying with
    a uncle that has a house on the sound. I did find high end rods , reels ect
    and did pick up, 1 doz hammered jiggs along with 150lb Saltiga dendoh line.
    CT, RI, Mass, NH and Maine are a fishing culture. In fact one that I respect
    as our country's first.
    Do to gas $ and other BS. I did not drive to and drink a beer in every port
    or dock this stay on the Nor east this summer but checked a few out.:)
  7. thenewkid

    thenewkid Senior Member

    hey kev,

    Yup thats Rentschler field for the huskies (go uconn) lol. What was the name of the store you found, Cabelas is ok they have alot of decent stuff but nothing over the top.
  8. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member


    This store is in east Norwalk , every thing from live eels to SW Stellas,
    Also had thoose reels from Van... and Zee...
    They had a saragossa on the counter which I picked up and openend
    up the drag area to see what Kil had melted down.. after putting it
    back together I confirmed it was a store reel not a clients..:)
    I should of asked first:cool:

  9. John_Madison CT

    John_Madison CT Senior Member

    It's probably Fisherman's World in Norwalk.
  10. Taz575

    Taz575 Senior Member

    Fisherman's World

    Looks sweet!! I may have to take a trip down there one of these days!! Road TRIP! I've been playing with a Calstar 700H, debating cutting down the tip for a tuna jigging rod, spiral wrap for a Saltiga 40, or keeping it 7' and setting it up as a spinner for topwater stuff with a Spheros or Saragosa 18000. Hmmm....