Penn torque jigging rods ???

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by fishingduck, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. fishingduck

    fishingduck Member

    Has anyone owned/used these rods? I'm thinking to get
    one for my backup conventional jigging rig. I'd aready had
    a Avet JX 6/3 and looking for a medium jigging rod. Comments
    are appreciated.

  2. gmack

    gmack Senior Member

    I own the heaviest model. Have a Penn Baja Special on it. Love the rod and reel. The rod is good up to about 20-22# of drag.


  3. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    I have not fished any but have checked them out off the rack several times a week for several months as I am working next to a Cabelas and have Lunch
    there a couple times a week. Their heaveist is 80 -130 I think in conventional.
    And I would buy one except I already have my Torque 200 and 300 on OTI respective rods. If they had the 80 - 130 rods in a spin model I would buy one.

    I'd say it's worth a try.



    Right now my goal when going into that store is not to buy anything more than what I spend on lunch but ....they got the stellas and saltigas sitting
    under glass like puppies in a pet store....:rolleyes:
  4. fishingduck

    fishingduck Member

    Thanks Gary & Kev for the reponses. I'll go to Cabelas store in Fort Worth to check it out. Hopefully they have them in stock.
    I hear ya, my favorite part of the store is the Bargain Cove. They usually have some good deals.
  5. wavewalker

    wavewalker Junior member

    I bought the heaviest conventional model the other day and matched it with a torque 300. Used it once, 18 lbs of drag & 15 minutes fight with a 60 lb bluefin. It gets the job done.
  6. bunile

    bunile Senior Member

    Calstar, and seeker are kind of built better quality, but it's like buying tires, Goodyear or those Wal mart kinds, they all skid up the driveway preety good!!
  7. ty2philly

    ty2philly Senior Member


    Good question. I am also considering this rod for my Daiwa Saltist 30T. I am also considering the Daiwa Saltiga Deep Jigging for for my Saltist 30T. Be sure to let us know what you ended up getting and how the rod works out for you.

  8. redneck_billcollector

    redneck_billcollector Senior Member

    I have the torque TJ5010C66 with a Trinidad 40N spooled with 50lb braid and it does alright on the average AJs and sow snappers I catch fishing out of the Florida panhandle. I have hooked some nice grouper and a few bigger than average AJs that made me wish for a different rod. Unfortunately for folks that do this style of fishing out of Georgia, Florida, etc those and the Trevala series seem to be the only rods available in our tackle shops. I have recently started searching the internet and bit the bullet (been riding harleys my whole life) and resigning myself to totally going japanese with my jigging and popping tackle. Since I have started jigging, it seems only the Japanese reels have been available in the south east US so I have purchased them, now it appears I will be purchasing rods via the internet exclusively until some of the dealers in my neck of the woods starts carrying quality gear. One caveat, I do not mind spending the money for my equipment, I have big game fished most of my life, and everytime I have tried to save a penny here or there, it has come back and bit me on my butt eventually. And with the punishment jigging and from what I read popping, gives your gear, top end is the way to go. I would hate to pay over 1k on a Big E trip(travel, supplies, etc...) and have my tackle fail because I tried to save a couple of hundred dollars and not enjoy the trip because of failed tackle. But to answer your question, the torque rods do alright in most cases for what I encounter, however, I hope to encounter bigger, meaner and generally fish that will destroy my torque rod.