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    last night I attempted to test a Penn Int rod {dead lift} Penn ISW817C70XF 7' 0", 8 - 17 LB. This is a really nice rod w\ 9 eyes ect.
    Rod is set with a Penn Intl 955 level wind and McCoy
    ultra clear line. Every thing feels balanced. And I was hopping to have a party
    boat rig suitable for bait stops

    As the rod is rated for up to 17 lbs I started testing at 4lbs or around 750mm
    of cheap whisky. Or around 5lbs with the Bottle. The rod bottomed out!!!

    I kept reduceing the weight Until I could no longer handle the rod nor the

    I will test further when I feel better.


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  2. Snagged

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    You need to increase your tolorance! Try taking up with a Harley club and they will teach you to handle the wiskey

  3. fishr1989

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    that's the best post i've seen in a long time. try it with a six pack next time, you might be able to lift more. :rolleyes:
  4. Gunsmoke

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    Drinking and fishing.
    Been there, done that.
    Drinking and testing fishing equipment.
    Been there, done that.

    Drinking in a room by myself and testing a rod with a half empty bottle of whiskey.:eek:

    I've tried to lift an almost empty beer keg off the ground from the sixth floor of Clines Landing with 80 pound tackle. It wasn't very well accepted by the condo owners. When the keg hits all the metal balcony rails on the way up, it tends to make noise. It also doesn't help that a half dozen of your friends that are drunk are egging you on with loud voices. Owners with telescopes mounted on tripods on their balcony aren't real pleased to find them broken the next morning. When they approach you for property damages, they don't like being called a "Peeping Tom." :mad: That leads to lawyers.

    I also have to admit that I caught a small blue marlin on one of those little two ounce whiskey bottles they give you on airplanes. :) I drilled a hole on the bottom of the little bottle to run the leader out to the swivel. The skirt was glued on the bottle. It trolled real good leaving a nice bubble trial and popping out the water every five to ten seconds. That marlin inhaled it. When we released the marlin, we opened up a full size bottle to celebrate. That wasn't to smart as it wasn't any where near noon. That caused all on board to become DBL. (drunk before lunch) By mid afternoon nobody on board could even read a compass let alone figure out how to work the electronics. That day became rule number 12. "One person with some knowledge of boating should remain sober if others indulge.":D

    Speaking of homemade lures, I once rigged up a nice lure using that doorknob cork that come on the Patron bottles. It works great. Just drill a hole through the middle of the cork and glue on the skirt on the neck of the cork. I've seen some huge dolphin hit the deck on the "Patron Lure." :)

    Maybe I shouldn't have given fishhead a hard time at the beginning of my post. He's just another normal whiskey drinking fisherman testing out his equipment.:)
  5. Fishhead56

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    Maybe I shouldn't have given fishhead a hard time at the beginning of my post. He's just another normal whiskey drinking fisherman testing out his equipment.
    No problem G.S. I would not make these Rodney Dangerfield type post with
    out expecting to catch some flack.

    We got a story out of you anyway...
  6. Rode Warrior

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    Now that is a new, creative way to get loaded and test how the rod acts when it is loaded. Pretty cool.
  7. lite-liner

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    any post that gets a gunsmoke story is good luck.
    personally, I'm gonna go home and make a patron lure!
    everybody wins!