Penn Intl 30VW and 50VW Max Drag?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by skip, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. skip

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    Does anyone know what the max drag at full (not strike) might be on the Penn International V 30wide and the 50wide?

    I see that Penn quote their drags at Strike, but I was curious to know what these reels put out at max.

    Penn also ship a washer/spacer to further increase drag, not sure how much of an effect those make.

    Would be curious to hear anyone's experience.
  2. semipro

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    I hope some one knows that.I use 50 vsw for A.J fishing,works real good.
    I also got Accurate B30 now which I never use yet,a lot lighter to carry.
    I know everybody get cold feet it to Penn 3 yrs. ago,after Chinese bought
    that company. I also would like to have some ideas about washer/spacer as well.

  3. skip

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    Did the Chinese buy Penn completely or are they simply producing some of their reels?
  4. Tunanorth

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    Did the Chinese buy Penn completely or are they simply producing some of their reels?

    Penn was not bought by "The Chinese".
    They are owned by Jarden Corp., and managed by its subsidiary "Pure Fishing".
    Penn's Production and Engineering are in the exact same building in Philadelphia as they have been in for over 50 years.
    It is true that the "threshold" for USA production vs. offshore production is about $200 msrp.
    No other company produces reels in the US for under $200 either.
    With the Japanese companies, the "threshold' for actually making reels in Japan is closer to $275 msrp.
    Penn still makes 28 different models in the USA, and most of the "new" models slated for introduction over the next couple of years will also be made in USA.
    Sometime late this year, Penn will even be introducing a "Made in USA" spinning reel which will be around $699, but on par with the JDM spinning reels made for jigging.
    Regarding the original question, you can add about 7-9 pounds for the "Full" settings in "Out of the box" reels.
    Reel Customizers like Cal Sheets can give you pretty much any drag number you want, but virtually always do that kind of work on 2-speed reels, not 1-speeds.

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  5. skip

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    Thanks for the clarifications and good to know Tunanorth.

    +7-9lbs on top of the out of the box setting it more than enough for the type of fishing I get up to.