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Penn Graph-Lite Reels

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I have been looking at the various reels by all the respectable manufacturers. I like the price of the Penn Graph-Lite, but I am wondering how they hold up. Are they even close to the International Big Games in durability?
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I have a Penn 15 KG and a Penn 10LD. Love the reels. very srong for weight and size. I use the 10LD for jigging set up (I like the luggs) on a 7 ft. Tsunami rod. Caught big AJ's nice black fin and even a couole of sharks on jig to over 100#s. The 15Kg is rigged ot fish 60# for Tuna etc. I have caught a number of 60--90 # yellow fin Big Wahoo on the troll etc.

Before these I had a Penn 15LD and caight a 120# yellow fin behind a shrimper on the Dolphin. Took me an hour and a half. Don't recommend that LOL! I upgraded as stated above shortly after that ordeal.

I also own an Avet 50SDS. It is my go to Tuna chunker, but when the bite requires lighter leader's etc. I don't hesitate to use my Penn 15 KG.

I personnally believe that the Penn Gold 30II is a much stronger reel than the Shimono TLD 30II. Read the west coast boards (Bloody decks etc.0 and you will see that those "Shimono lovers" are upgrading them to the tunes of hundreds (increased drags etc.). NO NEED IN MY OPINION WITH THE PENNS.


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