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Penn Graph-Lite Reels

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I have been looking at the various reels by all the respectable manufacturers. I like the price of the Penn Graph-Lite, but I am wondering how they hold up. Are they even close to the International Big Games in durability?
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Don't own any; haven't used them. I'm not inclined to try graphite body reels for 2-speed service. Comments on the Allcoast tackle board are inconclusive. But you should search "Penn and Graph-lite" to see for yourself.

If you want to experiment or be a trail blazer, here's your chance. For reliable service over the long run offshore, I'd stick to all metal 2-spd reels and stay away from lightly or poorly anodized aluminium bodies. If your reel breaks down in ordinary service during the warranty period, maybe Penn will make it right (except for the trip on which it broke down and any others that happen before Penn gets the job done). This is not to disparage Penn, but to call attention to the limited value of warranties.
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