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I have the older model 15KG (2 speed) rigged with JB 80 solid. I bought it used and it had the drag beefed up at CALs. I have fished it several years now in the GOM. Taken big AJ's / Tuna in Venice to about 100#. IMO they are much better reels than the Shimono TLD's even out of the box. For t he money they are an excellent buy.
I fish mine 60# on a Calstar 6 1/2 765 ML Graphiter. Pretty good stick and set up. I do also have an Avet 50SDS on a Calstar Graphiter 80# stick for the bigger boys.
For not alot more money than the Penn Graplite 30 2 speed you could get an Avet Pro30 2 speed. IMO a much better reel pulling a lot more drag and great frees pool out of the box. NOT MUCH IN THE GOM YOU COULDN'T HANDLE WITH IT. Rig it 80 pound JB solid braid and don't look back.
As to rod's the calstars (USED) are the best! I also have fished the Tsunami Trophy Series rods. I had the 50SDS on a 6 footter (only $90) new and it handled a 200# Yellow Fin in Venice a year ago last month. I know have a Penn 114HW on that rod now.

Hope this helps. Eamil if you want to talk more.
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