penn gld 30 drag

Discussion in 'Reels' started by A.whitman, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. A.whitman

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    what drag material comes in the gld series penns? can i upgrade to the duradrag or maybe ht-100. any info would be great. it feels kind of sticky at high drag settings. i haven't fished it yet, just played in the yard with the kids.
  2. Cliffshot

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    You don't have to upgrade.

    From Chark Bait:

    GLD 20II, 30II and 50II Graphite Two Speed Lever Drag Reels

    The only reels to combine Penn’s legendary two speed lever drag performance with the light weight, strength and corrosion resistance of a one piece graphite frame. Perfect for fighting bluewater gamefish of all sizes, from light tackle marlin to sails, wahoo, tuna, dolphin, California yellowtail and more. Also great for tough bottom-dwelling species like grouper and amberjack.

    • New push-button shifting system makes it easier than ever to change gears, even in the heat of battle.
    • Machined anodized aluminum spool, four sealed stainless steel ball bearings and machined stainless steel gears for smooth performance over the long run.
    • Graphite rod clamp for easy, secure attachment.
    • Penn’s renowned International® style lever drag system with pre-set feature and HT100® drag material.

    I have 2 of them. Strong reels.

  3. day0ne

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    If it is HT-100, grease it
  4. A.whitman

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    fantastic. maybe it just needs to be abused on a few big fish to smooth the drag out some. if not ill grease it. thanks for the input.