Penn 950SS or Spheros 14000FA?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by jacktrevally, May 19, 2008.

  1. jacktrevally

    jacktrevally Member

    Hi guys,

    If you had to choose between an old model Spheros and the new penn ss? What would you buy and why?

    Reel will be used for jigging and popping.


    LEXPRO Senior Member

    I havent had experience with spheros, but i have two different penn 9500 old style that have failed on fishing trips. One the bail came apart and the other one the bolt under the spool kept backing out... Although i repaired them i wouldnt even use em as a back up at this point. If figured ill use them for surf casting one day....

  3. bigfishjaeck

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    The new Penns are now made in China... The old 9500's were my white marlin reels for a long time and then became my jigging reels... They worked OK. Bought the newer versions.... and threw away the money.... New versions are just not fit for jigging... No good. Go with the spheros.. and try to beef it up (replace bushings w/ bearings and swap drags)... If the price goes up, try the Stradic or sustain. They've worked well for me. If at all feasible... Go with the Stella 20k... It will take all the abuse that comes your way.
  4. rtran

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    I used a Spheros 14000FA in Venice. The drag was pretty smooth although I don't know if the capt. had switched drags out. It could use a new handle but now that Saragosa is in the line up of reels I would choose that over these 2 reels even though I never used the PennSS.
  5. jacktrevally

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    Thanks for the replies gentlemen! I've a 10K FA stella and I'm getting the SW18000 HG 2008 as soon as it hits the shop.

    The reels above is for back up or when a friend is tagging along. I might consider a Spheros
  6. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    im using a saragosa as backup, i dont expect to really ever have issues.