Penn 16vsx, Avet Hoo-X or Accurate 870N?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by tdwcapt, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. tdwcapt

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    I'm looking at picking up a Penn 16vsx, Avet Hoo-X or an Accurate 870N. I like the narrow spool reels for castability, but need to be able to fish 50 and 60lb. I also prefer a 2-speed reel.

    Any suggestions on these reels?
  2. LT1

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    The comparable Accurate would probably be the 665N. Of the three, the Avet casts the best and will easily fish 50-60. Penn is a great reel but a bit heavy for casting and will not have the freespool of the Avet or Accurate. Accurate is the best of the bunch, however, it is also the most expensive.

    If you are thinking of the Avet, get one before Sept. 1. Big price increase coming. After Sept. 1 the HX and the Accurate will be similarly priced.


  3. thenewkid

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    Why the big price increase on the Hoo-X ?

    LEXPRO Senior Member

    One of the reasons i like the 870n is thats its only like 17oz, how heavy are the rest?
  5. LT1

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    Avet is increasing prices on all models. I believe the HOO-X is going up to 499.00.

    It is not just AVET raising its prices. Most mfg's are doing the same. However, some of the AVET's are now getting close in price to Accurates. they might lose a few sales there.

  6. MrBill

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    I don't own an Avet, but for those who like them, here is the increase starting Sept 1. Also, Tiburon reels will be manufactured by Okuma. If you want a Tiburon, buy one of the USA made ones right now. Those new B2-30, and B2-50 Accurates are priced very well. One would think Avet will be hurt with price increases in a slow economy. Nobody is in business to lose money. If you're not making any money, you have to increase your price, go overseas, or go out of business.

    SX5.3--$199.99 to 234.99, an increase of 17%.
    MXL 6/4--$329.99 to 399.99, an increase of 21%
    LX6/3--$379.99 to 449.99, an increase of 18% :HXW5/2--$429.99 to 449.99, an increase of 5%
    EX30/2-- $429.99 to 549.99, an increase of 28%
    EXW30/2--$469.99 to 599.99, an increase of28%
    EX50/2-- $549.99 to 619.99, an increase of 12% :EXW50/2--$599.99 to 699.99, an increase of 16%
  7. tehtuna

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    Go with the Boss 665NN. I have one and its awesome.
  8. ty2philly

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    You should also consider the Daiwa Saltiga SA40 or the SA30-T if the reel does not have absolutely have to be a two speed.

    You might want to consider the Tiburon SST, its an automatic two speed reel; I have the largest one SST-30, its a beast but too heavy for jigging.

    Good luck with your choice in reel.