Pelican charter-DSH-Sept.9th-Sunday available

Discussion in 'Boat Pooling' started by TOO, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. TOO

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    Hi folks, I am posting to see if folks would be interested in a 12 hour charter on the Pelican with Captain John out of DSH in Port Aransas on Sunday, September 9th, 2007.
    We had reserved the Pelican for a company out of Austin that had asked to book a charter for 16 people for a tuna fishing trip.
    We have been informed that the "done deal" isn't going to happen, so we are wanting to see if folks would be interested this 12 hour trip for tuna or other species through here, 360tuna, etc, for Sunday September 9th, 2007.
    We've done a lot of leg work to make this company charter happen and it fell through, so we are checking to see if this charter can still happen.
    Cost would be as follows per person:
    15 people = $206
    17 people = $181
    20 people = $154
    We will need a $100 deposit very soon, by the end of week, and the balance (depending on how many go), by September 1st, 2007. I think that our reputation is solid enough here with folks on this type of deal.
    Don't recommend fishing more than 17/18 or higher unless folks really want to a large group.
    We (myself and son and a bunch of other crazies) fished the Pelican on July 23rd with 15 people and had no problems and 17-20 can be fished with a little teamwork. Caught 22 blackfin tuna, limit of AJ's, a bunch of limits of snapper and a few other fish not worth mentioning.
    We would never dream of "drumming up" business on the forums, we just have put a lot of time getting this charter going and it fell through, and as we got the charter reserved in our name we are trying to recupe our costs and time. The Pelican is as good as it gets for a party boat in Port Aransas for good fishing.
    We know it is only a party boat, but we found Captain John outstanding and DSH has never been one to only want fishermen's money on private charters.
    If interested, let me know at [email protected] or call (210)215-3877 We'll need 100% positve very quickly with those wanting to make this trip a go.
    Thanks 360tuna guys

  2. tass

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    Sent you an e-mail. I'm good for two spots on this trip.
    I enjoyed the trip on the 23rd and would love to go again.

  3. surftime

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    would love to go on the Pelican again but will be out of town on a golf trip.

  4. TOO

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    Hi folks, we have 8 commited with TASS'es two and 6 from a bunch of wild S.A. auto guys. we also have interest in the trip from 2-3 others, so we are at 8 committed and 2-3 checking to see if there is anyhting keeping them from going.
    If interested, contact me at (210) 215-3877 or at [email protected]
    The guys commiting want to fish tuna and deep drop AJ's, snapper, etc in between. sounds familiar doesn't it.;)
  5. TOO

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    Trip is full and capped at 16. Hope the party boat catches a few fish.
    Appreciate the emails and Pm's on this charter.