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Discussion in 'Boat Pooling' started by TOO, Aug 20, 2008.

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    Folks, we had reserved several charter dates along the GOM before it was confirmed that the Big E would be able to do TBB 08, Seite Tuna, and other charters of ours. We have released all other charters except for the above Pelican charter with DSH. It is a Thursday-Saturday charter. We were told Captain John B is running the 48 hour Pelican charters through Christmas and that he would be running this charter. We will absolutely make sure we know who is captaining this charter before any deposit is paid.
    One thing that we notice is that the Big E has no charter listed after the Dec.11th-14th dates on their calendar as of now, so we do not know what their plans are for December/January after those dates.
    We have 5 people that have expressed an interest in this charter.
    We would want the maximum allowed of 12
    Total cost per person right now at current fuel prices would be $655, and of course if the cost of fuel goes up or down the cost would be more or less per person.
    If interested please give us a call at (210)215-3877 or email us at [email protected]

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    OK I'll bite. Weather permitting what are the chances of this making? I have never been out that late in the year and am wondering about how the weather does at that time. I guess it is like any other time,it can be hit or miss.

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    BW, appreciate the response. As you said, the weather can be calm, middlin', or rough, it is the Coastal Bend and it will be December.
    In 2007, the YFT bitw was wide open down south in December through early February. We sent the G.E. and Pelcian out on Feb 1st, 2008 and the G.E. came back with limits of YFT for just about everyone, ( I think) and the Pelican did a little bit less as well, but caught a bunch of tuna and stuff as well.
    It is a gamble, but you'll never know unless you sign up. You'd make 6 interested, half of the required number.
    Let us know if you want to commit.
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    do you have any trips with Capt Keith on the Gulf Eagle over the next few months?
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    Skeets, no DSH G.E. charter through T.O.O. planned, Dec.18th-20th Pelican charter is the last public offshore charter through T.O.O.
    The G.E. usually has some open 48 hour charters if you want to jump on one.