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Glad to see more people recovering and fishing since the storms.Between these storms and politics it's enough to drive a man crazy! It looks like mother nature is going to play nice starting this weekend and it should be on. I had my Contender in the shop for a little tlc and picked her up yesterday and she is ready to roll. I have added another boat to the fleet and will be offering inshore trips in addition to offshore. The new bayboat is a 24ft Ranger bay with all the goodies you would want. I ran a trip this past saturday in Cocodrie to test the waters and the boat. Had keith lier and friends aboard and finished up with 40 trout plus redfish in four hours of fishing in the wind and muddy water. Cococdrie seemed fine and alot of work was going on.I will have the lyle group on thursday for a little venice redfishing, should be good despite the wind. I have this weekend open if anyone wants to kill some tuna. With the lack of pressure and abundance of bait the tuna fishing should be outstanding. I will be running my offshore and inshore trips out of venice marina due to lack of power and accomodations in Grand Isle.
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