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    Well its seems as if old man winter is lashing out with this cold front just to remind us that spring isn't summer and winter isn't over despite green grass and blooming trees. Our "big fish" season started last fall with the arrival of some serious stud yellowfin taken behind the shrimpers. As winter set in, the wahoo made their presence known with each passing full moon. The month of January came and went with wahoo being the mainstay. On February 7, the tuna fishing in Venice went into ballistic mode! That day will be and is a day to remember for the captains and crew that were fishing. From that point on until the end of March our take on tuna, even with the off days, was absolutely incredible! As most of you know, some of these tuna were crowding the 200lb mark with several over 200lbs. Throw in alot of jumbo blackfin, world class wahoo and quite a few mako's that hit the docks and there you have a season to remember. The month of April is transition time for yellowfin. They will soon be in a summer pattern along with other desirable pelagic species such as dolphin and marlin. Back to the fishing. Last week I was able to fish two days despite horrible weather. On 3/30 I had the Matthew's group after delaying the trip for two days. After a morning of looking for wahoo and coming up short, we opted for white meat putting two nice yellow edge grouper along with two scamps in the box. Made a pit stop for tuna picking up a 50lb fish without a tail courtesy of mr. hammerhead. We finished off the day adding three amberjacks. On 4/4 I fished the Frea family from Thibodaux. I started the morning pulling baits over several spots that were showing good marks and no love. We made another move and tried jigging for scamps but with a crazy surface current it was not possible. The tuna bite was not on were i was so we opted for a little deep dropping. Mrs. Sarah's son was having a blast with it so we let it roll. At 4 o'clock I took a box count and we had 20 snowy's and yellowedge grouper along with two almaco jacks. We rolled out and made a quick stop to try and butterfly some amberjacks picking up two nice fish. Mrs. Sarah and her family had a great time and will be enjoying some of the finest bounty the gulf has to offer. I still have a few days left in April as well as May. Give me a call to book your offshore adventure in Venice.

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    that's a lot of good eating right there.


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    would not mind some grouper filets myself!
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    The dude in the LSU shirt seem very happy with the push button approach. Bad A boat. Quality tackle for the app. What more could you want. I like fighting tuna etc.. but just pushing a button for the really tasty stuff a mile down sounds really good to me.