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Just getting in from a five day stay and slay in Venice.Thursday I had Bob Riches and his gang from Neese Industries for a tuna trip. The trip was originally planned for friday but we swapped during the week, opting for a better forecast and the weather turned out perfect. Left a little later than normal due to bob's buddy's vehicle breaking down. Lucky for him he was five minutes from the marina. Picked the guy's up and off we went. Live bait was hard to come by and after ten throws in the cast net and one mullet, we headed south. I arrived at my destination to find capt. eddie hooked up and some good marks on the sounder. We started chunking and on the second drift we hooked up. 18yr old scott was up and twenty minutes later was looking at his first yellowfin tuna about 110lbs. The next fish proved to be a greedy sucker eating two chunks and came in with the help of two rods. we finished the day with a 110, two in the 80-90lb and a 25lb along with two dolphin. Friday was an off day and with the wind bowing 25-30mph me and some buddies headed downriver to shoot some quacks. Ended up with 16 bird for four guys. Saturday I ran an inshore trip for Capt Scott Avanzino. Patrick willey and the boys were a hoot to fish with. They came from Kansas,Oklahoma,Texas and Louisiana to get in on a little fishing. We ended the day with 69 trout plus redfish, bluecats,flounder,blackdrum. It was a great day and these guys made fun of each other all day. Yesterday was quite interesting to say the least. I made a duck hunt downriver with my buddy capt. Scott Verndin along with my deckhand eric and deckhand will. Our duck hunting was going great until a pack of wild hogs decided to cross the pond We were hunting in!Bad move on their part! Needless to say pork will be on the menu for thanksgiving. All five were taken with 3 1/2" blackcloud steel #4 shoot. It was a great way to end the trip. The wahoo bite should be around the corner and the lump season will soon be here. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and get down to Venice when you can. The fishing is off the charts right now. Give me a call to book your next trip.
Captain William Wall
Pelagaic Charters


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