Pecos County Turkey, Javelina, Spanish goat hunts

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    We do not post hunting or fishing package hunts on Internet forums unless they are great deals.
    We believe this is a great deal.

    36,000 acres Pecos County west Texas.

    Spring turkey hunts: $500 for one turkey, two nights all-inclusive. Second turkey for $325.
    Javelina hunt: 1 Javelina per hunter, One meal, (other meals are hunters responsibilty) lodging and ranch transportation Total cost: $315 per hunter. Second Javelina for $140 Total cost for two Javelina: $450
    Add $50 for second night lodging for a total cost of $500

    Spanish Feral goats: Wild free roaming and running, 2 days, all inclusive $660 per hunter. this is a hunt, not the usual put and take operation. Rams with horns 28" to 36 " wide are on the ranch.
    These hunts are way below the market price for hunts of these quality.
    [email protected] or (210)215-3877

    TJ, if this is in the wrong spot, please let me know and it will be moved.
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    Hey TOO!

    Would a .270 be overkill on the Spanish goats, or would a .223 be good?

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    Ragster, my suggestion would be the .270 as the goats are very skitterish. More punch out there downrange.
    Goats are not so big as much as the long shots that most likely will be taken.