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Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by galveston1602, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. galveston1602

    galveston1602 Senior Member

    anyone ever done business with them? I know these kinds of sites are always tough so, I just thought id ask.

    They have a couple of things I can never seem to find which is why its tempting.

    They are apparently based in NY and have quite a bit of online presence with many years of history. I will likely only place a small order anyway but, I thought I'd ask.

  2. Sea Bear

    Sea Bear Senior Member

    i've done business with them a few times, one time when they sent me the wrong color bucktails (i order chartreuse NOT crazy chartreuse) and one time i ordered 2 packages of hooks but they only sent one. i made a call to them about the hooks and they sent another package - i didn't bother to follow up about the bucktails so now I just have the crazy chartreuse color they sent me but I'd bet they would have fixed the problem had I bothered to make a phone call. i wouldn't highly recommend them but if they got what you need well then just pull the trigger.

  3. ksong

    ksong SPONSOR

    Mike of the Peace Token is an excellent tuna jig fisherman. Very few fishermen caught more tuna on jigs than he did.
    His tackle shop has been around for long though he started internet sales recently.
  4. galveston1602

    galveston1602 Senior Member

    thats what I love about this place, ask a question in the middle of the night, and get 2 answers in 15 minutes!

    Thanks guys!
  5. Dave Nowlin

    Dave Nowlin Senior Member

    I've ordered from them several times and have been pleased with them. They have great prices on un rigged diamond jigs.
  6. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    very good dealer.
  7. A.whitman

    A.whitman Senior Member

    two thumbs up for me.
  8. hstsw

    hstsw Senior Member

    Great dealer but call before you order to make sure your item is in stock
  9. bigjay282

    bigjay282 Member

    very good business man and very helpful as well.:cool:
  10. baldurs390

    baldurs390 Senior Member

    two thumbs way up mike is a great guy to deal with and also to fish with... i think his wife might be better though :eek: lol