Patriot Design GT and Tuna Rods

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by InshoreSlayer84, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. InshoreSlayer84

    InshoreSlayer84 Well-Known Member

    I’m looking for any feed back on these rods, pros and cons! Thanks in advance!
  2. Stevo

    Stevo Well-Known Member

    Fairly rare and very expensive, good quality components and blanks. At one point or another I owned at least one rod from most companies, including many customs But never owned A Patriot design. I casted one of their popping rods a couple of times on A 56 hour 360 Tuna trips and thought it was very nicely build and the colors ( this one had mostly red with some gold and black) were very beautiful. All in all a good quality rod but prices on them and availability i believe are some of the reasons they are so rare

  3. bnz

    bnz Just a guy who likes to fish

    I've got a Patriot Design popping rod I'd be willing to let go.
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  4. InshoreSlayer84

    InshoreSlayer84 Well-Known Member

    Yea I haven’t seen much info or advertisement from anyone on this forum, my next step was going to Facebook to some of the global jigging and popping groups they have on there.
  5. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    I haven't seen anything new from Patriot Design in a few years.
    I'm probably wrong, but you'd think it'd come up here.
  6. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    I have the Black Mafia and Zanzibar models.
    Use them for GT and Doggies,
    where I fish, dealing with oversized fish,
    and lots of sharks.
    Need to be able to pull on the rod/fish hard,
    turn or change their direction quickly,
    or they become shark snacks.

    Med Fast action, by today standard it would be considered
    fast action to many, since it lacks the parabolic bend.
    Casts like a rocket, and you can cast lures the size of
    Fosters Larger Beer cans if you want :)

    I"ve landed GT 55+kg, Dogtooth 80+kg on it,
    plus some huge sharks.

    Video below is not mine, but you can see the bend.
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  7. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    I beleive the angler in the video is Matsutani himself.
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  8. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    Yes sir, good eye!

    I have the Zanzibar as well.
    It is a slower action rod IMO.
    I do not like it as much for my particular fishing situation,
    but would probably be the proper choice for most,
    for length and action.
  9. HungryJack

    HungryJack Member

    While the rod is expensive,
    not as bad as Fisherman brand,
    IMO when it comes to spinning gear,
    the ROD is what really LANDS the fish for you,
    not the reel. They both play a part,
    but the rod is more important in accomplishing the task.
    So spending $1000-1500 on the reel,
    and then only willing to spend $400-600 on the rod,
    is the wrong methodology with SPINNING gear.
    Better off with the $600 reel, and $1000 rod.

    With CONVENTIONAL (not spj) it is reverse,
    spend the big money on the reel,
    and the rod is not as important.
    $200 rod will work just as well as $600 rod.
    $600 reel will be much better option than a $200 one,
    when it comes to fighting/landing the fish.
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  10. InshoreSlayer84

    InshoreSlayer84 Well-Known Member

    Some good information you’ve shared no doubt! I definitely appreciate it! Do you favor patriot design over some of the other high end brands?