partyboat swords or marlin in gom off Tampa

Discussion in 'Billfish' started by Otownjoe, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Otownjoe

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    hey guys, I will be getting my first try at deep water pelagics this month. I will be fishing a 63 hour trip out of hubbards marina. We are supposed to be fishing the drop off and the edge of the current.I'm Having a hard time finding any information about this area of the gulf. Does anybody have any idea what we can expect out there this time of year. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joe
  2. Reel Stamas

    Reel Stamas Senior Member

    I would think almost anything BUT swords or marlin...

  3. gonefishing2day

    gonefishing2day Senior Member

    A 63hr trip? How much $$$? That may be worth a flight..... How far do they have to travel to the fishing grounds?
  4. Otownjoe

    Otownjoe Junior member

    The trip cost 529 . I believe they will go out at least 125 miles. Not sure what we're going to get into. They haven't done 1 of these trips in awhile and I don't believe they had much success last time they did 1. I was hoping to get an idea what kind of fish we might get into so I don't have to bring too much gear. Guess I'll just bring everything and hope for the best.
  5. d-a

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    I would expect, bottom fish, Aj's and possibly some trolling for Mahi, and black fins as the primary targeted species. Anything other than that would be plus.

  6. jakedge

    jakedge Member

    D-a is right. Queen and yelloweye snappers and warsaw or snowie grouper. Probably troll in rotations while moving. Cheap fare but I'd be more inclined to pay a little more and get on the Gulfstar's similar trips. They do them regularly and have a good track record. Plus the boat is faster and everything is included for the price, food, beverages, ice, etc. Either way, post a report when you get back. I love to see the pictures from the deep water trips.