Party Cove..... Ready -Set - Go

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    4AB75560-63AB-48B6-9673-30A84E809A1D.jpeg 4AB75560-63AB-48B6-9673-30A84E809A1D.jpeg D4ACBD58-E3C4-46B1-A424-45562160B7D1.jpeg 7097C7D7-C8EB-48AD-9EB4-0DD819B9C11C.jpeg 432322F3-8308-4159-9630-3EB609633E82.jpeg Help out my boat buddy all weekend getting his rig ready for the “fishing” season. Changed the impeller, engine oil and lower unit oil. New fuel filter and oil filter. New Bluetooth radio and 6 speakers with a big ass amp. Extra battery for the sound system. Then to top it off... new LED lights that match the bass of the music.

    Old school Yamaha and Kawasaki stand up is next to pimp out.

    Just in time for party cove “bikini fishing” lol