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    Pithing the fish and immediately poking a hole in the heart
    provides excellent bleed-out. fish on the Scat Cat are typically
    installed head-first into a RSW slurry in a 50g plastic barrel.
    (lots of us call it the tuna margarita, bloody water sprays everywhere!)
    once rigored, they are packed in ice.
    once home, before I open the fish I rinse slime and loose scales off with the hose (FW). Loin out the fish with the skin side down
    keeping meat out of contact with the wet table.
    I don't vacuum-bag. I hand out almost everything to friends and neighbors and eat the rest as fast as possible !!!
    Steaks are always beautiful ruby red and irridescent.
    OP should throw deckhand overboard immediately if caught
    near his tuna with a knife and waterhose, LoL !!!
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    What’s with the patting? My loins are always clean and not wet. I cut the fish and put the loins in a bag right away(at the dock, after the trip). Then at home I cut the loins into the size I want to freeze and then vacuum seal it and freeze. I’ve never had the need to wash or pat down the loins.......
    When thawing..... yes. I put the vacuum bag into the refrigerator for a couple hours then open the bag and take out the loin. Wrap the loin in paper towels and put into a zip lock bag to thaw overnight. Take out when ready and cook. No rinsing necessary unless the fish has been contaminated somehow.

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    Heart is the PUMP.

    If you are trying to bleed out a fish,
    Not the way to do it.

    Lift pectoral fin,
    place 4 fingers next to where fin starts.
    Other side of the fingers is where you insert knife
    about 1" and move laterally 1". DONE.
    Do other side.
    Into slush tank.

    They even make a special knife to accomplish this,
    but not necessary.



    Catching tuna, bleeding tuna and Pizza :)
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    PS> LMAO on brain spiking tuna as they come over the rail,
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    Sea salt is better and inexpensive to use.
    4-5 ounces (1/2 cup) of sea salt into a gallon of fresh water
    and you have same salinity as sea water to wash your fillets in.
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    Tuna the regular way

    Tuna Pro

    TUNA the long way,
    for premium cuts and sushi/sashimi

    How to fillet everything else

    When you only catch smaller Blackfin
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    thanks hj:rolleyes:
    O' great one of the all-encompassing everything.
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    Interesting Mr. lite-liner. Hope life is treating you well and your Angel is happy and healthy.
    While its been several years since I have had the opportunity to fish with you, it seems I remember you did not pierce the heart back in those days just opting for the vein behind the pectoral fin. Have you modified your routine? Or do I remember wrong? May I ask why you have started piercing the heart? Not being smart azz, just curious for new knowledge.
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    Hi Bryan!
    just about anywhere in that 4" area will hit the heart or the aorta..
    When are you gonna get back out with us?
    you will be missed on this upcoming trip!
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    He tells the fish to
    Calm itself and stops the fish on the gunnel as it is coming onto the boat and spikes it.
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    Ahh I see, didnt realize that guess thats where all the talk about only an inch in depth comes from.
    I have three teen boys in the house. cars, insurance, food, soon to be college, and still a woman in the house (everyone needs an angel, but they aint free) keep soaking up my discretional income. Not to mention footballs games and track meets that I prefer not to miss. I been eyeing those new buc 30 hour trips anyway...affordable just need time and get on before they fill up lol
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    That right there is the problem! Back when I was younger I had lots of time and no money. Now I have the money and no time. Life ain't fair I tell you! It takes almost a year for our group to align our schedules to book a trip.
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    One of the reasons I moved to Rockport was so I would be closer to offshore.
    run far less trips the last 4 years..... kids, cars, homes, hurricanes.

    Reds & trout however are 5 minutes away and quite plentiful!
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    When it comes to post harvest handling or processing of fish,
    either myself or Dennis B are the experts on this site,
    both of us with real world commercial experience and scientific knowledge.
    Difference between amatuer/recreational and professional/commercial highliners.

    Pithing/brain spike is only about 20% of what needs to be done,
    this will accomplish immobilizing the fish to prevent mechanical damage
    to the meat by the fish itself.
    But, IT DOES NOTHING to stop the continued RELEASE OF LACTIC ACID
    into the flesh of the fish. The nervous system is still active and pumping it out.
    Why you see steel cable or heavy mono being inserted into the spinal cord,
    this stops the release of lactic acid.

    The IRIDESCENT COLOR you are proud of,
    It is not one of the markers used by tuna fish graders,
    or even looked for.
    Having been professionally trained to grade tuna in Japan,
    I can tell you this as fact.

    Why not, because it is the result of the reflection of light off muscle fibers,
    technically called double refraction or birefringence. It occurs when the muscle fibers are cut crosswise and can be seen for several days after slicing the tuna.
    The light striking the ends of the fibers are reflected in two different directions, appearing to the eye as an iridescent rainbow of colors.
    This effect is visible only when the muscle fibers are cut at a specific angle relative to the grain of the tuna and when viewed at a certain angle.
    The same effect can be seen in BEEF.

    Can you determine which is the best fish from these samples?

    I believe you offer this comment as a great compliment to me :)
    After all, you worship another "all encompassing" NEW YORKER.
    Glad to see you recognize the skill and expertise that comes from NY.
    We are the "Chosen People"
    Biggest winners, best fishermen and biggest ranchers :)

    PS> More tuna schooling coming tomorrow, get prepared :)

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    Can you determine which is the best fish from these samples?
    View attachment 112820

    My guess would be number 2. My question is how long does Tuna stay sushi grade after you catch it
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    You’ll get a long complicated but correct reply from HJ but here’s my quick answer-
    Take good care of the fish, ice it well etc...
    Vacuum seal it with a couple days and freeze it in a regular freezer. We will thaw it for sushi for about a month, after that, it hits the grill only.
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    I'm actually looking forward to HJ's reply. The ins and outs of grading fish interest me for some reason. I completely agree with the short answer though. Treat the meat right, pack it properly, and you will enjoy eating it for a long time. I have eaten 6 month frozen tuna as sashimi after trimming the outside of a thawed block and eating the inner part. It's not ideal but I get two trips in a year if I'm lucky so I take what I can get.
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    Well, since I asked for the "best fish" and since that would be
    in a commercial setting, best would mean, most valuable per pound,
    and in that respect, YOU ARE CORRECT.

    But, the fish sample you picked, is different than all the other fish samples
    on that board.
    Look again at the picture and see if you can see why that fish is different.

    Do you see the bloodline in the fish samples,
    it kind of forms a T in all the samples,
    expect for #2.
    Why, because #2 is a Bluefin tuna, and they don't
    show the bloodlines the same as YFT.
    Probably never heard or read that from any of the
    tuna experts out there, but you heard it from HJ first :)
    If you look again, you will notice BF is written next to #2,
    and YF next to the others, BF - bluefin, YF - yellowfin.

    Let's grade again.
    Anybody who wants to try,
    forget about #2, and compare all the other samples.
    Pick out what you think are the two best samples,
    and WHY you think they are the best ones.

    It is also hard to pick the best fish from just a photograph,
    as half of the grading parameters are not available to inspect/consider.
    But, you can get a rough idea of what is good and what is bad from the photo.

    Tuna is one of the fish that tastes better with a little age on it.
    Generally day 3 and 4 after capture are considered the prime days
    TASTE wise for Bluefin or Yellowfin, Bigeye.
    Shelf life, under proper conditions is 10-14 days as sushi or sashimi,
    but generally 7-10 days is the range for good/decent quality.
    Bigeye lasts the longest of the tunas, albacore the shortest.
    Yes, much longer than you think.
    Takes 2-3 days, in an expedited scenario in most cases
    for these fish to reach the restaurant/retail store.
    Non expedited 3-7 days for fresh fish to reach the restaurant,
    or longer, through the larger supply chains.
    Swordfish boats are unloading fish that can be up to 8-10 days old,
    then 2 more days before they end up on the plate or in the
    fresh fish market.

    Will get to the other tuna lesson promised tomorrow :)
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    Can you emphasize more on recreational fish for us please?
    I’d like to hear more on taking care of tuna after the catch, with emphasis on after being cut and having the loins at home.
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