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    Hi everyone, my friend Gary just came down to visit for a few days with his son Rick and his friend art. They fished 4 days and did just great. They caught a bunch of tuna around 60 to 80#, along with lots of fish around the islands, including big cubera snapper, jacks, more than 10 big amberjacks, blue jacks.. I went with them on there last day. We went to the Hannibal bank. After catching some bonito for bait we put them out and started trolling around. After about 2 minutes we had a nice black marlin jumping behind the boat. After a short fight, the line broke from the tail hitting the line. We ended up hooking 4 others before midday but were only lucky enough to catch one around 400#. One the ride home we stopped and caught a few snappers and lost a Wahoo at the boat.. Lots of action, and good fun.


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    Man do they have lots of Marlins down there or what?!?!?