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We drove from Panama to Boca Chica Lodge Thursday for a friday and saturday trip. John with the people of the OTI was out trying to swordfish all night with no success then they fish all day Friday. We left the lodge Friday Morning at 6:00 AM after having a nice breakfast in the lodge. The day was overcast that looked that it was going to rain. We decided to go straight to Montuosa to look for the giants tuna and marlin. Although the day started really slow we manage to get two sailfish around 100 lbs and 6 mahi mahi that where small for the area 12 to 35 lbs. The highlight of the day was that a dolphin mammal went to eat the live bonito we where trying to get with sabiki for the tuna tubes. Juan Carlos fought the dolphin for 30 min to get the jig back and then we release safely the mammal. With a light rain after 2:00pm, what we where expeting to happen it finally appear, the big volkswagen tuna where jumping all around montuosa. The tuna where around for an hour until they disapear. However, we did not got a bite the other boat of the lodge got 3 around 60 lbs. When we return to the lodge we met TJ, his partner, John which gave us some really good tips and techniques for popping saturday. At night we eat a really nice dinner which no one took picture of the lobster plate and lomo (meat) that was delicious. Juan Carlos brought his merlot that he just started to promote "Corona del Rey" which was really good.

We went saturday to look for the tuna to montuosa and the seas where rainy and rough so we where goint to take to long to get to Montuosa so we decided to go to Ladrones. The day turn out with 7 snappers which 2 where cubera snappers. We also caught some dolphins this day.

In conclusion, I want to give special thanks to John for a wonderful attention and taking us to the place where the fish are. The trip was so good that we are planning to make another trip on March. I will upload pictures afterwards.

Tight Lines,

it was a pleasure meeting your group. the wine was excellent and the company was awesome. it was nice to meet others who are into jigging and popping. we are a small but growing fishing community and it was a pleasure to pass on what little knowledge we have to others who are so interested in our little niche sport.

i am sorry that it was rougher on day two of your trip as i think that you guys would have done very well at montuosa on saturday. there was so much activity on friday at montuosa that with the overcast or rainy day the tuna would have stayed on top for long periods of time chasing all that bait.

thanks again juan carlos for the excellent wine. while we won't be back until may we hope that you post up a report of your march trip....rick
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