Panama Colors?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Pope, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    Which color of poppers do you guys recommend for Boca Chica? I also remember someone mentioning 320g jitterbels being the hot jig. Which colors were best?
  2. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    Mahi-mahi color wombat work best for me.
    Clownfish, Blue hawk Komodos work just as well.

  3. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    Thanks TJ. What about jigs? 200g, 320g, etc.? jitterbels?
  4. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    if i was going for tuna id use jumbo or jager.....jiterrbels are great for ajs

    LEXPRO Senior Member

    short glow in the dark jigs...
  6. gman

    gman Senior Member

    poppers .... bright bold colors worked best. Jigs .. small and glow
  7. peterk814

    peterk814 Senior Member

    had my best luck on white topwater blue stripe. Plain old hammered diamond jigs did serious damage on the bottom fish
  8. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    had my best luck on white topwater blue stripe. Plain old hammered diamond jigs did serious damage on the bottom fish

    yep, caught all my jigged fish on them
  9. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    Thanks. Who is the supplier you use which has upgraded swivels and hooks on the hammered diamonds?
  10. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    i was using mainly the flat hammered diamond jigs that Kil sells. I don't know what swivel comes on them, but I haven't changed it. For hooks I used either 8/0 siwash or 11/0 jigging master hook.
  11. masonboro

    masonboro Senior Member

    I went with Brett,Peter and Kil in April.As far as jig's are concerned,make sure you bring Hammered Diamond jig's.I took and used 48 lb.s of every different kind of jig you could imagine. I ended up you using the Hammered Diamond jig to catch fish.The other jig's were used for fishing,the hammered jig's were used for catching.The hammered diamond jig was not only used for bottom species but Brett caught YFT and Kil hooked Black Marlin on Hammered Diamond Jig.Trust me, take a few of them with you!
    Another lure that worked really well for us was the "Robert's Ranger". Blue/white,Red/white and Blue/chrome.Many differerent specie's,very affordable,and easy to fish.Also you can throw them a long distance and cover a lot of water.
    Next time I go to Panama in january I will also have some Tady's.I am not familiar with these lures but Peter was catching fish when everyone else was not.The color he was using was Blue/chrome or silver.
    Bret and I casted popper's all morning one day at Coibia and the only hit I got was off a Purple and white popper I made myself.
    This is what worked good for me on our trip.
    Hope this help's.
    Shibuki worked good also.
  12. Boston Tangler

    Boston Tangler Site Sponsor

    In addition to "what they said" which is right on the money - I'd bring some casting surface irons. Like Tady's - they got hits some mornings when the Rangers and Poppers did not...
  13. masonboro

    masonboro Senior Member

    Hey Dan, check your p.m.'s.
  14. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    I have two surface irons, so I will look into grabbing some more. So far, from what I already had and ordered, I have the following:

    3 surface irons
    6 100g in glow and blue/silver
    5 200g in glow and blue/silver
    6 poppers
    8 8oz hammered diamonds

    I figured we would be bump trolling skippies and I wouldn't need hordes of iron. I am trying to travel light as is. Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

    Edit: Found a few others I thought were lost. Getting this house ready to rent and misplacing gear.