panama 4-25 (bret using Ricks computer)

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    Day one.. Ricky Bobby, John(grescobia), Mike(cabolew)and I started the day at montousa making bait.. small ones were there, but the larger ones were hard to find.. filled the tubes and put out the livies.. Rick was up 1st and got a 40ish wahoo. Gres was up next and he was looking for a tuna.. we got bit by a marlin and Mike got the rod.. after a quick fight, we had a 250ish black released. We went back to make more bait, but same story, only the small ones. We saw some porpoise and headed that way.. out go the baits and chunking poppers.. we had a couple of blow ups.. Rick got hooked up but lost his.. then Gres got bit on his livie and boated a 60lb yft in short order.. The rest of the day we spent making bait and slow trolling to no avail.. More to come............. need more vodka and rest...


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    Thanks for the report!

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    Thanks for the report!!! Best of luck--you guys are a great group to fish with!
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    Good way to start a trip, Geterdunnnn!
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    I am looking forward to hearing/seeing how day two went! Good luck and I hope the drink dulls to soreness!
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    More to come............. need more vodka and rest...


    While you guys are fishing, some of us are hitting the booze pretty hard here this week. Here's a picture of what happens in a hotel room when they don't supply enough trash cans. I rented a room last night to watch a parade from a balcony. More people showed up then I expected. Thirty six bottles of booze later, we had to resort to using the bathtub as a trash can. I never went to bed last night and was charged an astronomical fee for excessive damage and clean up to the room when I checked out at noon.:mad:

    Back to the subject of fishing. (I don't want to steal your fishing thread) Hope you guys have a wonderful experience while fishing in Panama. Keep us posted on your catches.
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    So I'm guessing you skipped the shower the next morning before checking out huh Mr. Bill :D
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    lol @ mr bills pic. thats great.

    hey bret - good to meet you and glad you guys started well. i think youll have some awesome fishing. it was picking up as we left. who is your capt/mate? jose and macho were 1) really awesome fisherman and 2) a ton of fun. when i go back i want to fish with both of them again :). hope youre having as good of an experience.
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    waiting to hear more. good luck
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    Breto, WTF!!!
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    Ok, ok...... Sorry for no reports.. I an not as well practiced as consuming moderate amounts of alcohol, coupled with a muscle relaxer or two, as some of us.. We are in Miami, waiting for our flight back to dallas..
    Day two was a bust.. we had a difficult time making bait, and finally got a few good ones at montuosa and hauled buns to the Banco. We saw some decent tuna jumping and the sounder was showing good marks.. I was up in the trolling order.. We got one good tuna bite and I farmed it.. While making bait I did jig up nice pargo colorado.(red snapper) and one of the salmon Aj's.
    I will add pictures when I get home and resize them.
    Day Three, I was still up in the rotation.. back to montousa to make bait..
    While making bait, Mike and I hooked up with the notorious "brown marlin" or bufeo malo (bad porpoise) them bastards would hang around and wait for you to jig up a bait then go and grab a hold of it right behind the hook..
    The only jig I lost the entire trip was when I had to break it off of the stupid porpoise.. We finally filled the tubes and heard Josh temple on the radio(he is running Chris Fischer's cabo off of the arctic eagle) and he said there was a good bite going on the Hannibal. so off we go.. Not long after setting up, we get bit. I am hooked up for a sec, then Rick gets a bite.. mine charges the boat and comes off.. Ricky Bobby was kind enough to hand the second marlin off to me.. and I finally get a nice Black to the boat in a bout 25 mins.. we had to make some more bait and luckily found some good sized bonitos on the banco that we bridled and set out.. We missed a couple of more bites later in the day and headed in.
    day Four, we knew where the bait was and headed straight for the bank.
    We filled the tubes and set out the the baits in the spread. not fifteen minutes later we have a knockdown..
    You will have to forgive me because the days kind of run together our there.. I am sure that I am leaving out several crucial details, that I will correct once, I get my schizzle together after some rest.
    But anyway.. We were trolling with OTI's new Prototype spinning rod, the GT Slayer, its a 100lb plus rod with a stella.. That rod had 3 good marlin bites, we finally get one to stick and Greschuk is up and let me tell you , he whooped that marlin in less than 23 mins.. it was over 350lbs.. We have some great shots of him in action. There were tons of marlin and tuna on the hannibal bank this day as we saw first hand at least 10 good bites on ours and other boats and witnessed then coming unbuttoned midair while spitting out their 5-10lb bonitas.. Absolutely insane.. I am not sure why our hookup ratio was so poor, but everyone else had the same issues..
    Ricky Bobby hooked up his big planer and dropped a bait down a little deeper, it had a huge tuna hit, late in the day but it missed.
    We fished inshore on the last day and let me tell you, it was tough fishing, Macho took us to his best jigging spots and with 5 of us jigging, we never got a nibble. We did drop down some big dead and live baits and hooked up but never stopped the big cuberas before they broke us off.. oh yeah, we did catch one more wahoo about 20lbs.. we called it off early as we still had to pack and drive back to panama city..

    i will try to fill in the gaps of this report when I get home.. but I would highly recommend the lodge to anyone. The service we received from the staff at Panama sportfishing lodge is second to none..

    John has done a great job of putting together a great group of captains and mates that know their business. We saw some of the other outfits boats that never changed their tactics throughout the day and never saw them hooked up.. Capt Macho and Chi chi the mate were awesome.. the did their best to put up with our requests and made sure we had a good time, catching fish or not. we did get some good pics and maybe some good video.. that I will post.. so until then..
    in the immortal words of Ricky Bobby " Thank you Baby Jesus for Panama Sportfishing Lodge!!!"