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Palmarius Slow Pitch Toray NanoAlloy Blank 6'6" 198CM

- Slightly faster than traditional Japanese SPJ rods which tend to be a bit soft for American anglers

- Fine diameter tips transmit every strike instantly

- Bends to more of a "C" than a "U"

- High Precision Blank extremely straight and true - builders have nothing but good things to say

- 100% Toray Carbon Fiber from Japan

- Each blank is ABS tested before it ships to you

- wide range of jig weights is accommodated 50g (2 oz) to 650g (22 ounces!)

- ships in a high quality rod sock with internal tip protector that you can customize for your shop/customer

Model Length Weight Tip OD Butt OD

Model 0 198CM 58 grams 1.80mm 9.55mm

Model 1 198CM 68 grams 2.00mm 10.40mm

Model 2 198CM 70 grams 2.20mm 10.60mm

Model 3 198CM 79 grams 2.20mm 11.00mm

Model 4 198CM 81 grams 2.30mm 11.30mm

Model 5 198CM 90 grams 2.45mm 12.05mm

White 2.0 CM band 50-150g2 oz to 5 oz0.8~1.51.80mm9.55mm
58 grams​
Power #0
Torquise 2.0CM Band 100-300g3 oz to 10 oz1.2-2.52.0mm10.40mm
68 grams​
Power #1
Grey 2.0CM Band 200-450g7 oz to 15oz1.5-3.02.1mm10.60mm
70 grams​
Power #2
Maroon 2.0CM Band 250-500g8 oz to 16oz1.5-3.52.2mm11.00mm
79 grams​
Power #3
Blue 2.0CM Band 300-550g10 oz to 17 oz2~52.2mm11.3mm
81 grams​
Orange 2.0CM Band 300-650g10 oz to 22 oz4~82.3mm12.05mm
90 grams​


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Just receive P series power 2 rod, nice quality rod can’t wait to use it. Looking to order a power 5 which is not in stock. Are you going to restock the heavier models soon??
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