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YES! Those 5 stars are meant to be there. That’s the best way to describe my thoughts on this case. I’ve owned a few jigging bags, cards, rolls, etc. This is by far the best quality I’ve seen in any jigging bag. The 3 cards (6 sides of jig storage) will hold whatever jigs I put in the cards. It even holds Reals Plate Jerker side by side with no problem. Other holders wouldn’t accept these wide body jigs, but the elastic is very forgiving with enough strength to hold the heaviest of jigs in place. The tackle storage bag included has enough room and is perfect for any small tools, rings, hooks, etc. if that’s not enough room the top of the jig bag has a full length pouch that can hold whatever else you’ll need to carry. The exterior quality of the case is outstanding! The handle is comfortable to hold even when fully loaded. You also have a shoulder strap option also included. The zipper is oversized also excellent quality with large pulls to grab even with gloves or wet hands. The six cards sides each have a different configuration and length and with size to hold enough jigs of various sizes, styles and lengths. I put a few jigs in to try out and was completely satisfied with the card designs. Here are some pics to give you an idea of the case size. This is the large size my order for the smaller case will be ordered today. Thanks Dan for all the hard work and taking the time to think this one out.


Brown Orange Textile Sleeve Amber

Bag Luggage and bags Auto part Fashion accessory Musical instrument accessory

Case loaded with 3 cards and tackle bag with enough room for other goodies.

Luggage and bags Black Rectangle Bag Tints and shades

inside top cover for whatever else you’ll need.

Musical instrument Electronic instrument Musical instrument accessory Gadget Gas

Product Luggage and bags Grille Bag Rectangle

Glasses Rectangle Sunglasses Musical instrument accessory Bumper

This JW long jig is 14” long, card still has room

Luggage and bags Bag Musical instrument accessory Material property Font

plate jerker jigs are tough to fit in others.

Light Cosmetics Musical instrument accessory Gas Tints and shades

Hood Bag Musical instrument accessory Electronic device Electrical wiring

Automotive lighting Electrical wiring Cable Wire Plastic

Tackle bag with a few things to show size.
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