Overnight Trip On The Sea Trek Out Of Ft Myers Beach Fishing Report

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    I did my first overnight fishing trip on the Sea Trek head boat this week. Just about everyone got limits of red snapper and a fair amount of yellowtail were caught. A few mutton snapper were caught with at least half of those in the 10-15 lb. class. Only a few keeper sized grouper were caught, however with a few decent sized mangrove snapper, a couple of blackfin tuna and a few kingfish, along with several cudas, etc. The day bite has been off for awhile, according to the crew. The Sea Trek is an inexpensive trip - $450 for about 44 hours of fishing - but you bring your own food and most of your tackle with you. You could buy live pinfish from a local supplier too. The boat supplied squid and threadfins for bait and also supplied hooks, swivels and leader/topshot material if someone didn't have any. Sinkers were sold instead of included - 4 and 8 oz. egg sinkers for $1 and $2 respectively. The mates, (Collum and Robbie) were excellent - knowledgeable, hard working and just good guys in general to be around. Capt. Eric was excellent too. In my opinion, if someone can't or doesn't want to spend a lot of money on an overnight trip this trip is a good option. I'm only giving a very basic rundown here and I'll get more specific if you have any questions.
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    I have been out of the fishing scene for a few years. Good too be back

    What setups did you bring for this sort of trip?

    Do you have a thread link of 'tackle recommendations' for these can I call it 'deep drop' trip in the GOM?

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    This is not a deep drop trip. The maximum depth we fished was 170-180 feet and they rarely fish any deeper than 200 - 250 feet (the boat is only certified to fish a maximum of 100 miles offshore and you won't be in any really deep water in this area of Florida with that range). Standard bottom fishing gear is what you need. A 7 to 8 foot long rod rated for at least 20-50 lb. test with a conventional reel that holds about 300 yds. of 50 lb. braid. I fought a 7 foot hammerhead shark on this trip and there was at least 200 yards of line out at one time. The shark cut the leader after a 15 - 20 minute fight and I was grateful it did!!! The mates will rig you up with a top shot, leader, hook, swivel and a sinker if you don't have any. They do charge for the sinkers, however. A heavy duty spinning rod with about the same specs as the conventional rod is good to have along if you need to pitch baits or flat line them or use it for bottom fishing too. The guy that caught the most big fish on this trip used a spinning rod throughout the trip. Every time I saw him hooked up he was using the spinner. I watched him fight a couple of fish and he knew what he was doing with his equipment too. A jigging outfit is another option to have but it's not necessary to have one to catch fish. The 8 foot conventional outfit is the one you want to have and it's a good all around head boat rod for just about anywhere in Florida. Unless something happens to it I'll be using it as my primary outfit on my next trip in mid July.