Outboard Power Problem

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by Pope, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    I am loaded and ready to go this morning. I always check my batteries the night before, but last night I made a last minute decision to go fishing this morning.

    I take off to the lake to find my continental starting battery dead at the ramp. I use jumper cables to try to jump it from my trolling motor batteries. It still wouldn't start, but all the other electronics are fine (they didn't have power before). I came home to see if I could charge the battery and go this afternoon. The charger would click to another setting for smaller batteries when hooked up to the battery. This is strange and I didn't know the charger would even do this. I put the charger on my deep cycle batteries and it worked fine.

    Now, I decide to go to Wal Mart and buy a new battery. I put it on the boat and again the electronics are fine, but the outboard will not even make as much as a click to indicate it is getting power at all. I try the trim. Nothing.

    What could be the problem? It ran like a champ last Sunday.
  2. tngbmt

    tngbmt Senior Member

    1st guess .. baterry cable, corrosion at motor.

  3. A.whitman

    A.whitman Senior Member

    or a fuse. there are a few inline ones depending on your motor.
  4. tunacrazy

    tunacrazy Senior Member

    Those kill switches have made all of us look bad at one time or another. Might give it a look.
  5. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    I couldn't see the fuse in the dark and found it a few minutes ago. Thanks. I still don't know why my battery being dead and putting a new one on there would have done this. All of my fuses to my electronics were fine. I will take the continental battery back. It is only 6 months old.