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Could someone give me some light on OTI.

Are you just selling rod blanks?
Are there any plans to have them water ready?
Any reels?
Any jigs or lures?
Terminal tackle?
Retail location or online?
What kind of time frame will you be ready?


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We will sell rods, rod blanks, poppers, jigs, multi colored spectra, assist hooks and sabikis.

All products will be ready to market by January 2007.
Retail will be www.360tackle.com currently under construction.

We have few sample jigging rods on hand, if you would like to field test it, please pm me.

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Minnow: Is my assumption correct that your products will be somewhat tailored to the Gulf offshore type fishing? (Not that they could not be used elsewhere.):)

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I fished with a 40-80 Lb 765ML this weekend. The action was awesome and the 80 Lb rod was exactly what I was looking for.

OTI didn't have one that fit that profile on our trip for field testing. However, I am VERY,VERY interested in a rob built with the backbone of the 765 ML, but on the OTI platform.

I know about your minimun orders on your blanks, but didn't talk specifically with Tom and Rick about the exact specs of that type of rod you would be carrying.

If you have an OTI blank with the combination of the light weight, slim profile of the OTI, and yet the 40-80 LB action and backbone of the 765ML, I would absolutely fall over myself typing in the order for it.
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