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Im not all sure what OTI has coming out in the future but we placed and recived a order of over 25 rods and reels 300 # of lures, jigs etc.. All of which I have been impressed with. What has impressed me is how they hold up after numerous bites. All jigs and lures look nice when new but a number of bits many start to fall apart. The OTI jigs have held togetehr both in structure and the paint sheme. The jigging rods we have have been great. I was impressed how the load up. When I first looked at tehm I was not sure how they would work and was not real thrilled when we hooked into some smaller fish. But when we got into some larger fish it impressed the heck out of me. for as small as a rod as they are you would think you have allot bigger rod. The load is even but not over powering. I have fished with just about every pice of gear for offshore fishing and do not get impressed often. In most cases all teh gear is somewhat the same. The OTI jigs poppers and rods impressed me. Just my two cents.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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